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Monday, March 23, 2020

How to make an Air Cooler at home (DC air cooler Home made)

D.C Homemade Air Cooler
Homemade D.C cooler is a very good project for a science project, school project and college project, etc
This DIY cooler is small and portable in size which is easily moved in anywhere and any rooms. This is very useful in the summer keeps your room cool every time and enjoys the summer season with homemade cooler.
Homemade DC cooler---DIY cooler---Portable cooler

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Dc Cooler

Working process: -
An evaporative system of air cooler cools the air by means of the water. When water is sprayed over all the cooler grasses then evaporated takes required latent heat from the surrounding atmospheric air. Then cooled air is blown inside the room by the fan and makes the whole room cool.
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For detail, clarification 1st watch the video -----Dc cooler

Parts required: -

  1. Empty plastic jar = 20liter (as per need)
  2. 12v DC motor (big size)
  3. Fan blade
  4. Clip = 3-5pies
  5. G.I wires
  6. Mini DC water pump
  7. Level pipe = 1meter approx.
  8. Cooler grass
  9. ON/OFF switch
  10. 12 DC connector
  11. Wastage pipe
  12. Water
Note: - All electrical components should be attached to wires.
How to make it / Do it yourself (DIY)

  1. First, take one large size of an empty jar of 20lit. (You can use as per your required)
  2. Then cut all the size of the jar using a sharp blade or Hexa blade/any hot cutter.
  3. In the front-facing side cut in round circle shape and other 3 sides in a rectangular shape.
  4. Then take one high power 12v DC motor, operating voltage 12v DC, operating current 3-3.5amp, high speed 1500 rpm.
  5. Take one medium size steel blade/fan
  6. Take 3-5 clips for fixing the motor, so the motor can’t vibrate or move.
  7. Then take G.I wires and cut them into pieces.
  8. Take one DC mini a submersible pump, operating voltage 3-6v, operating current 130-220ma
  9. Then take the level pipe. Which is easily fitted in the mini submersible outlet hose.
  10. Use cooler dry grass for getting cold air.

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Installation process: -

  1. Take a dc motor and attach all the clips to the dc motor.
  2. Then fix the dc motor inside the plastic jar and properly tight it using a screwdriver. so, it can’t move while running the motor and it maintains a proper balance in running position.
  3. Then take cooler grass and fit it in all rectangular- 3 sides of the cutting jar and properly tight all sides of cooler grass using GI wires.
  4. Then put the dc mini submersible pump inside the jar and attach the level pipe to the pump.
  5. Then make 3-5hole in a level pipe where a level pipe is passing through cooler grass. so, cooler the grass will get wet.
  6. Take an ON/OFF switch and fix it in a plastic jar on the front-facing side.
  7. Then take one 12v dc female connector and attach it in the upper facing side of the jar.
  8. Then attach a fan /blade with a motor shaft and tighten it with a screwdriver.
  9. All wires should be connected to each other for proper working without shorting.
  10. Take a GI wire and make it is a rectangular no one can touch the fan in running time.
  11. The installation process is completed. It’s time to fill the inside the jar.
  12. Fill the water from the upper facing side.
  • fill the water till the water pump is not covered.
  •   Lastly, apply 12 dc currents for running a homemade cooler.

Precaution: -
  • These projects are not for children below under 18.
  • Take safety gloves while doing any projects and take safety precautions.
  • Any accident happens I am not responsible for it.
  • I am guiding you for knowledge, please read all the details and watch its full video before making it.
  • If you like these projects, please share with your family, friends, neighbor and much they can make it and learn much more.
  • You can use these projects for your school projects, college projects, science exhibitions, etc.

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