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Saturday, March 7, 2020

How to make Water flow fountain at home---DIY Projects

Water flow fountain

Water fountains are very popular, and they always attract people by their beautiful water falling

Its gives stress relief and relaxation by its soothing sounds of flowing water and bring stress-free and relaxation to our environment and place.

For detail, clarification 1st watch the video---

Its gives attractive looks to our favourite rooms and garden, office etc.

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Types of fountains: -

Indoors and outdoors

An indoor or outdoor fountain gives instant beauty to our environment or surrounding place.

Either it’s a large wall fountain, small fountain, portable fountain, table fountain or a garden fountain. Thus we are decorating and making our surroundings beautiful.

In this article/blog, I will show you how to make a simple and easy making fountain which making fountain which gives our surrounding beautiful looks.  

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Components required: -

  1. Plastic plate three-piece
  2. Drill machine/Any sharp needle
  3. Wood hole saw cutter
  4. PVC pipe 1/2inch
  5. PVC Cape 1/2inch
  6. Grass mate (plastic)
  7. Hot glue / Glue gun
  8. Plastic grass (flower)
  9. Cooler pump (power 20w—voltage 220-250v)
  10. Round bucket/tub
  11. Water
  12. PVC pipe 1/2inch (small size)
  13. Flower 1 piece (optional)

You can use this type of project for a school project, college project and science project etc. 

How to make it / Do it yourself (DIY)

  1. First, take 3plastic round plate of (8,10,12 cm) which is easily available in nursery shop.
  2. Take a drill machine/sharp needle pin and make a hole is 3plates at a distance of (10mm-1cm).
  3. Then make a hole using a wood hole saw cutter at the centre of all the plates.
  4. Take a PVC pipe and PVC cape of 1/2inch, then make a hole using drill bit at the upper-end part.
  5. Then insert all the plate in the pipe in proper order.
  6. Take aplastic grass mate and paste it using hot glue between one plate to another plate gap.
  7. Then take plastic grass flowers and paste it using glue, to all its upper facing direction.
  8. Use cooler pump/motor of (power 20w—voltage 220-250v) for water flow.
  9. Then attach the bottom part of the pipe to the cooler pump and tightly fix or attach its can’t move.
  10. Then apply glue to the bottom part of the cooler pump and paste inside the round bucket/tube.
  11. Then fill the water in the bucket and take one small size 1-1/2 pipe wrapped with plastic grass and flower (any flower). After that, cover all the 2materials to the upper part of the pipe.
  12. Finally, attach the power source to the cooler pump and watch the water flowing fountain show.

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Precaution: -

  • These projects are not for children below under 18.
  • Take safety gloves while doing any projects and take safety precaution.
  • Any accident happens I am not responsible for it.
  • I am guiding you for knowledge, please read all the details and watch its full video before making it.
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