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Monday, March 16, 2020

How to make water pump at home--DIY water pump--Home made water pump

Make a small Powerful water pump.

Working principle of water pump: -

The water pump mainly depends upon the positive displacement as well as kinetic energy force to push the water. These types of pumps generally running by A.C. power otherwise D.C. power supply.
     It is a portable device which quickly moves anywhere, and it also can be used for several household applications. These types of pump add energy to the incoming fluid and increase the pressure energy. Thus, it gives the high pressure of water by increasing the strength of incoming water.

how to make water pump,diy pump,water pump,home made water pump

how to make water pump,diy pump,water pump,home made water pump
Home Made Water Pump

DIY projects—school projects-college projects—science projects
For detail, clarification 1st watch the video --DIY Water Pump

Parts required: -

  1. Empty plastic box (small size)
  2. Copper plate
  3. Bi-cycle spoke = 1pies
  4. Syringe rubber = 2pies
  5. Fevi-quick
  6. Round plastic
  7. Syringe = 2pies
  8. Wood = for stand/base support
  9. DC 12v motor
  10. Jointer/connector = 1pies
  11. Blade, hot glue, soldering iron, clip, wires
  12. Switch = 1pies
  13. 12v = connector
  14. 12v = 2amp power adapter
How to make it / Do it yourself (DIY)

 1st part of Installation: -

  1. Take an empty plastic box of small size.
  2. Then cut the plastic box from the bottom side and also reduced the outer part of its cap and make it in round shape.
  3. Then make a mark or a line using a marker from the centre point. (minimum = 6 lines) from the centre.
  4. Use six pies of copper plate in rectangular shape length of 4-5cm.
  5. Then make it in semi-circle shape by using your hand.
  6. After that fix all the copper plate on the plastic cap of the line side. By using Araldite or glue.
  7. Then take Bicycle spoke as shaft rod.
  8. The hole at the centre of plastic copper plate using any sharp needle and insert the Bicycle spoke and fixed it by paste.
  9. Then take syringe rubber and insert it in a bicycle spoke of the plastic cape. (opposite side facing)
  10. Then take cutting outer part of the plastic box and enter the impeller in the centre of the plastic box.
  11. After that, check it's moving freely or not. (it should be running freely)
  12. Again, take one syringe rubber and insert in the Bicycle spoke of the bottom facing of the plastic box and fix the rubber using fevi-quick.

2nd part of the installation: -

  1. Take a round plastic which is easily cover the cutting plastic box.
  2. Then make a hole using soldering iron where a syringe quickly inserted inside it. which used for an incoming water source. (Inlet water)
  3. Again, take cutting plastic box and make a hole using a soldering iron.
  4. Then insert one syringe which used for water output source.
  5. Then paste both the syringe using glue or Araldite. So, no water leakage should be there.
  6. After that, attach both the part (part 1 and part 2) and fix properly using Araldite or glue. So, there will be no chance of any leakage of water and working correctly.

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3rd part of the installation: -

  1. Take one rectangular shape of the wooden board for its base support (working as a stand)
  2. Then take a D.C. motor of 12v and fix it in the wooden board by using a clamp.
  3. Then attach both the turbine part and the motor part.
  4. Now, the motor part installation is ready.

4th part electrical installation: -

  1. Take an ON/OFF switch
  2. Take 12v female connector
  3. Then complete a circuit by connecting all the three parts (motor, switch and connector)

5th output of water pump: -

  1. Take a long pipe and attach the inlet suction with a hose.
  2. Then take a bucket of water and insert the inlet suction pipe.
  3. Lastly, give the power source of 12v battery or 12v adaptor and see how's the water pump is working
  4. Now, its successfully installed and working fine

Precaution: -

  • These projects are not for children below under 18.
  • Take safety gloves while doing any projects and take safety precaution.
  • Any accident happens I am not responsible for it.
  • I am guiding you for knowledge, please read all the details and watch its full video before making it.
  • If you like these projects, please share with your family, friends, neighbour and much they can make it and learn much more.
  • You can use these projects for your school projects, college projects, science exhibitions etc.

DIY projects—school projects-college projects—science projects

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