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Monday, April 6, 2020

How to make POCKET LED TORCH---Mini LED Torch---Portable Torch

Pocket led torch---mini pocket torch

A torch is a small electrical device that is operated/run by batteries. It is in a portable size which easily carries anywhere. The main the working function of the torch is that it makes the darken room bright, at night it makes a bright to your place/certain area.

The source of torchlight is a light-emitting diode (LED) or incandescent light bulb (lamp). when a power source is attached to it. It starts blinking/emitting the light.
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Mini pocket led torch

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For detail, clarification 1st watch the video -----Pocket torch

Components required: -
  1. Mini plastic box
  2. Led = 1w-2pis
  3. Battery 3v-5v
  4. Hot glue
  5. Charging connector
  6. Sharp iron needle (For Hole making)
  7. Red led bulb (mini)
  8. Diode = 1N41448
  9. Resistance =12ohms
  10. Wires (as per Required)
  11. Soldering iron
  12. ON/OFF switch
  13. Sharpe blade
  14. Adaptor for charging

How to make it / Do it yourself (DIY)

  • Take a mini plastic box, which sizes approx. 6cm
  • Then cut its inside part with a blade, so the battery is fitted inside easily
  • Take its one side cape and make four holes, where 2led bulb which is easily inserted in the hole
  • Take one old mobile battery or any battery having (3v-5v)
  • Then insert the battery inside a plastic box and fixed the battery with hot glue, also fixed the led bulb from the inner side.
  • Take one charging connector socket of 3v-5v and attach it with another side of plastic box cap
  • Also, take one mini red led bulb for indicating as charging

Start circuit connection
  •  Take one green wire which is attached to (-) the negative terminal of the battery
  •  From (-) negative green wire attached both the one-one leg of the LED
  •  Then from (-) negative wire attach 1 leg of charging connector and 1 leg of the led indicator bulb
  •  Take one red wire which is attached is attached to (+) positive terminal of the battery
  •  From (+) positive red wire attached both the 2nd leg of led
  •  Then from (+), positive wire attach one ON/OFF a switch which is attached to led red wire terminal and another end of the switch is attached to the battery
  •  One side of diode IN4148 is attached to charging connector and another side is attached to red wire battery
  •  Take one resistance of 12ohms which one leg is attached to indicator mini red bulb leg and another leg of resistance is attached to charging and diode leg
  •  Thus, the circuit connection is complete. Now this project is ready to work.

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Precaution: -

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DIY projects—school projects-college projects—science projects
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